As what movies and people say , there will be a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. But , when and where?

Movies like Resident evil , Day of the Dead , Warm Bodies and etc tells us how it will come the destroy earth . But what comes to my mind is that , WHO will stop it?

Before this stories came out , vampires was the first humor that spread rapidly. Saying that vampires are immortal and they will vanish out the mortals.

Then it comes to CULTS , cannibals. Obviously they are like zombies. But what separates them from each other?

Both are flesh-eating creature. Don’t have feelings or what-so-ever . Don’t sleep.

What makes them like what they are now? Is it the people itself started this or it just came out?

Zombie, vampires, cults or whatever . I hope it won’t destroy earth and its people.


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